Hard anodized kitchen cookware is fairly new to the kitchen world, but is truly a dream come true to any chef. Whether you cook three course meals every night or you occasionally make macaroni and cheese on the weekends, your hard anodized kitchen cookware will do it right. Your food will cook quickly in these thin pots and pans allowing you to get to the best part quick. When it comes to clean up, feel free to take out the stress of the day in cleaning. Hard anodized kitchen cookware is safe to use. Some people are concerned about aluminum exposure to food on the cookware. Many reputable brands make anodized kitchen cookware for everyday use. Anodizing is a safe and Eco-Friendly technology. Anodizing is an acceleration of a natural oxidation process. It will not damage human health or the environment. Hard Anodized Kitchen Cookware is safe to use if you using it correctly.